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Domain Improvements is a boutique building company led by Registered Building Practitioner Paul Villani and a dedicated team of industry professionals who are backed up by reliable ‘Old School” trade personnel. From transformative renovations to new builds, Domain Improvements are here to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of. No compromise or short cuts, just quality workmanship and service, partnering with you every step of the way. We want building, developing, or renovating to be a great experience for our clients as we take pride in what we create. Our clients’ positive personal experiences during the entire building process matters to us.
We forge close relationships between builder and client which have ensured valued satisfaction and a high proportion of loyal repeat business. At Domain Improvements, we are driven by building excellence and high-quality outcomes whilst simultaneously seeking open relationships with our clients and honest feedback. It all starts with being accountable. If we say we will do something, then we will do it. We will always be upfront, communicating and totally committed to you, ensuring we are by your side during the build and always here for you after completion. We understand the journey of concept-to-completion and are equipped to ensure we deliver on time and within budget.

Paul Villani – Founder

Domain Improvements was founded by Paul Villani approximately twenty years ago. Coming from a family background of builders, he was from a young age thrust into building whether he liked it or not – luckily, he loved it! Despite this, he also achieved in academia and went on to work in other non-related industries, where he broadened his experience before coming back to building.

Paul surrounded himself with a strong management team and a list of solid trade contractors, most of whom have been on the journey from the beginning. At Domain Improvements Paul's commitment to implementing his values and work ethics is what has kept the company grounded. His one main rule instilled in all of us: “if you wouldn’t be happy with that at your own house don’t do it here,” a rule which still rings true today.

Paul’s valuable knowledge of the building industry was second to none, and this is part of the reason Domain Improvements is still a sought-after builder from leading architects. Domain Improvements has been built on a reputation for being able to deliver quality custom projects, with integrity and with personalised service.

Recognised for working on several landmark buildings in Melbourne over the years, we found our niche in building and renovating particularly challenging projects, including complex home renovations, architectural homes, historical buildings, and occasional commercial projects. Another part of the business which sees Domain Improvements get clients back on track with problem projects, is our capacity to take over jobs where things have gone wrong with other builders.

Integrity is high on the list of non-negotiables for us, and at Domain Improvements quality is not just about what you can see and touch, the materials you use and how you build it, it’s also about all the little things, the things you can't see and the honest professional friendly advice. Paul has instilled the value of people in the company, making sure everyone, no matter what their role, is respected, is well trained and is kept safe.


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General Manager
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Admin Manager
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